Dear Earth,

If you’re reading this you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog. It’s like any other random collection of musings scattered throughout the far corners of the internet – except I’m typing this from Mars.

Not real Mars, though. Fake Mars.

I’m one of 4 crew members currently living in a simulated long-duration space mission called HI-SEAS (Hawaiian Space Exploration Analog and Simulation). We started our mission (the 6th HI-SEAS mission so far) on February 15th 2018.

My crew mates and I as we shut the door to Earth and stepped into Mars

We’re pretending to be astronauts in all senses of the word. We eat shelf stable foods that have use-by dates so far in the future I think some of it will live on in my intestines forever. We can’t feel the rain or sunshine or wind because every trip outside requires a modified, bright-yellow HAZMAT suit. And every single communication back to Earth is delayed by 20 minutes, each way.

Now I really do look like an alien

But why am I writing back to you, dear Earthling? Why am I sending my thoughts out into interplanetary space to be received by whomever will listen? Because I want every part of humanity to come along on the journey with me. I’ll be posting detailed transmissions here, so you can all know how the mission is going. Shorter-length transmissions will appear on Twitter.

I have no idea how I’ll cope with the intense isolation and lack of Vitamin D. I don’t know what I’ll find each time I step out the airlock and onto ‘Mars’. But, I know that each action I take gives us the data we need to understand how to give future Martians the best possible chance of survival – no, chance to thrive – when they get there.

And I sure am going to enjoy the ride.

Sol 1

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  1. Good luck Lisa (and friends)! I’m in awe of your willpower and sense of adventure. I’m just an armchair/wannabe astronaut/astrophysicist, so I’ll be following all your blogs avidly! โœŠ๐Ÿ‘

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